Bilingual Assistant

IT Firm, China

With no one on staff fluent in Japanese, a China-based IT firm had been missing many business opportunities with potential partners in Japan.
Mannet provided the Chinese company with a native Japanese dispatch employee with excellent Chinese language skills to help facilitate communication. The temporary employee was very successful in the role and our business relationship with this firm continues to this day.

Cosmetic Manufacturer, Korea

A Korea-based cosmetics company was experiencing a period of growth and wanted to hire more shop assistants for their expansion plan. The company noticed that many of their new sales were attributable to Chinese travelers, but they were unsure how to find staff with the appropriate language skills to maximize these sales.
Mannet provided the cosmetics company with a number of native-Chinese speaking staff with superb Japanese skills. These staff members could communicate flawlessly with Chinese customers as well as local Japanese customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and even better sales figures.

Game Developer, USA

A USA-based video game developer required a skilled project coordinator for a new release in Japan. However, because team members originated from multiple territories (Japan, Korea and China), the developer required someone with appropriate language and communication skills.
Mannet worked with the developer to find the best candidates with fluency in these languages. The coordinator was a major asset for the company, as she was able to communicate fine details for delicate tasks such as textures and other graphical content.