Step by Step Expansion Support

Whole saler, South Korea

A South Korean trading company specializing in wholesale wanted to target the Japanese market but could not figure out how best to expand into the region, even after conducting extensive research.
Mannet recommended its Business Expansion Support Program, which allowed for minimal initial investment by holding off on incorporation. After generating healthy profits in the Japanese market, the company incorporated its own entity. Currently, the company has grown to 15 Japanese employees and generates about 1 billion yen in sales.

Chef Recruiting Service: Manager, Hotel in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Before hiring a Japanese chef, the Japanese restaurant was not popular. The problem was not providing the original Japanese cuisine but providing dishes arranged in Asian cuisine in a Japanese style. The chance to use mannet’s personnel introduction service was that I ate Japanese food for the first time in Japan and I was very surprised by the difference in taste and appearance. I decided to use the recruitment service of mannet soon afterwards. Although it took time it was possible to open a Japanese restaurant finally hiring Japanese staff introduced to Mannette. We were able to use it for Japanese businessmen, and other guests expanded by word of mouth. The reputation has steadily increased, and we have now opened the second store. Two Japanese chefs are still working today.”